Free Graph Paper for Students

Are you in a math, geometry or economics course and need a quick no frills site to print graph paper? Here you go, courtesy of the charter schools in Brooklyn, NY.    


Intellectual Privacy and The Government

Okay does it bother you that the government my store records of what you clicked on when searching the internet for a class project for your online course?  What if it wasn’t the government at all, but advertisers?   The constitution protects each American from unreasonable searches and seizures, but it says nothing about private online […]


Starting Classes Online

There is a debate about whether online courses are a good starting point for new students.  On the on hand, they provide flexibility and convenience.   But then again, studies indicates students seem to retain more from an in-seat class.   This article from U.S. News and World Report Discusses the Pros and Cons of online courses. […]


Family Support

Family support when going back to school is priceless.   Taking the plunge to return to college is always daunting.  Here is a story of a mother who went back to get her graduate degree written from the perspective of her daughter.


Embracing Failure

Embrace failure?   Absolutely.   Failure serves many purposes from motivation to identifying your weaknesses.  Just make sure you don’t let one failure define you. This commentary explains why.


Why Take Notes?

Why should you take notes on what you read? Well this article in the New York Times explains that when testing how well students learn, they learn much better when they are required to write about what they just read. So investing a few minutes writing down what you just read will help immensely […]


Education in Findland

Finland has better schools? This article explains why the education system in Finland has evolved past the United States. It is all about priorities.


Note Taking

Handwriting Lecture Notes. You think you should write down word for word what your instructor says? Well if you are taking notes on a laptop or netbook, the answer is no. Handwriting and paraphrasing is better. Here is why.